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Creative Celebration of Allyship

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Active Allyship

The North Face, in its commitment to challenging behaviours and promoting inclusivity in outdoor spaces, embarked on creating an immersive online course. The goal was to address the unique challenges faced by ethnically diverse communities, specifically in outdoor environments and foster cultural competence and active allyship.

Combating Ignorance

Teaming up with BeyondSport and Mór Diversity, specialists in social impact, sustainability, and diversity, The North Face aimed to develop a course that combats ignorance and intolerance in the outdoors.

The Impact
1m+ People reached
during launch
318% Increase in

Immersive Online Course Development:
Crafted an engaging and educational online course, focusing on cultural competence and active allyship.

Targeted Learning Objectives:
Ensured the course content was specifically tailored to identify issues faced by ethnically diverse communities in the outdoors.

Interactive Learning Experience:
Designed the course to be not just informative but also interactive, ensuring a deeper understanding and impact.


Challenging behaviours
through immersive education.

Respectful Outdoor Communities

The online course developed for The North Face successfully equipped individuals to be more culturally competent and supportive allies in outdoor settings. This initiative marked a significant step towards creating more inclusive and respectful outdoor communities.


I love it, it is super engaging with the videos. This is so amazing that TNF is using its brand power to encourage positive change and have an impact on building a more inclusive society!!! I joined VF to see this happening and I am soooo happy! THANK YOU!

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