Social Media Image specs

If you want to ‘do’ social media like a pro then you’ve got to work like a pro!

We recently sent out a social media quiz to give you the opportunity to test your knowledge across the various social media platforms. The questions challenged you on areas such as metrics – the ones to focus on, the best platforms to reach your audiences, down to the correct image sizes. One area that stood out was the extraordinary number of people unfamiliar with the requirements on image sizing.

Why size matters

Really, it’s no big surprise that there is so much confusion out there, with the constant flood of updates and numerous platforms available, how does one keep up? The trouble is, with the wrong image dimensions your post will look less than average – this is why size really does matter! We’ve created a quick and simple help sheet outlining the recommended dimensions for the most commonly used social channels.

Your image help-guide



Profile photo:                          180 x 180

Cover photo:                            820 x 312

Shared image                         1200 x 630

Shared link:                             1200 x 628 or Square

Event image:                           1920 x 1080

Highlighted Image:                 1200 x 717

Max recommended file size: 100KB

Suitable file formats:RBG, JPG, PNG



Profile photo:                          400 x 400

Header photo:                         1500 x 500

Instream photo:                      1024 x 512

Max recommended file size: 5MB for photos, 3MB for GIF

Suitable file formats:JPG, GIF, PNG



Profile image:                         110 x 110

Photo thumbnails:                  161 x 161

Photo size:                              1080 x 1080

Stories:                                    1080 x 1920



Profile image:                           400×400

Personal background:            1584 x 396

Company logo:                        300 x 300

Company cover image:           1536 x 768

Banner image:                          646 x 220

Shared imaged:                        1104 x 736

Suitable file format: PNG, JPG, GIF


If you want to immerse yourself deeper into world of social but need a little helping hand, then get in touch at As always we’d be very happy to help.