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Grain and Graze Pop-Up: Islington


We were approached by household brand Merchant Gourmet to design, build and manage a pop up restaurant that would form the epi-centre of their marketing campaign.

“We’ve spent many years thinking about how we can take Merchant Gourmet to the masses and Grain & Graze allows us to communicate with a wider audience and to make Merchant Gourmet really exciting and I’m thrilled to finally get this (Grain & Graze) away, it’s really fantastic.”

Clive Moxham, Group Commercial Director, Leathams

Point of difference

Grain & Graze started as a run-down, five-storey building in Islington, and in just four weeks was transformed it into a fully functioning pop up restaurant, complete with brand immersion room and office. Our team project managed the entire process covering the design and build, staffing, operations, customer service and beyond. We served all kinds of pulses and grains for lunch, brunch and dinner, all day, every day. In doing so, we invited consumers, retailers, press and influencers alike, to experience the versatility of the Merchant Gourmet product range. The restaurant featured over 50 unique and delicious recipes designed by A-list chef Alex Mackay and was visited by over 5,000 people during its three-month run. The story intrigued and inspired buyers from major retailers Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, giving Merchant Gourmet that crucial opportunity to meet with them to discuss their retail and growth strategy.


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