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Bryburn Brochure Redesign


Having already worked with Bryburn on new company branding, we were delighted to be asked to update their brochure in line with this new branding and their evolved offering. We were asked to create a sleek, new design for the brochure and its accompanying inserts, refreshing the visuals and wordsmithing the copy to ensure the overall content was visually appealing, but also clear and concise.

Point of difference

Knowledge of our client and their brand. We ensured we had a good understanding of who Bryburn are and what they do, to ensure we got across the right points with the right visuals and branding. This meant we could be confident in delivering materials that really reflected Bryburn and showcased the best of what they do.

Experience in brochure design. Our expertise in creating quality brochures means we could be confident in suggesting a new design, layout and visuals to best optimise the content. We are not afraid to tackle copy too and were able to review and wordsmith the former copy, to ensure it flowed well with the new design.


  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Project management

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