Job Title

PHP Developer


Immediate requirements for a proficient PHP developer with Object Oriented experience a must. Good coding practices, with an awareness of DRY principles and a mindset to proactively refactor and abstract code where required. We aim to work smart not hard.

Ideally, skillset is to be heavily weighted more towards backend with Linux server provision and management which would coincide with local development environment setup using Vagrant (or similar), with the plan to mirror environments across; local, stage and production.

Hit the ground running requirements

  • WordPress development experience
    • Legacy websites built using standard wordpress installation
    • Rareloops Lumberjack wordpress framework used to build more recent and future projects.
    • Advanced Custom Fields plugin
  • WordPress maintenance experience
    • Updating platform
    • Updating plugins
    • Discovering no longer supported plugins and finding alternatives.
  • Linux server management
    • SSL renewals
    • AWS setup and management
    • PHP version updates (across local stage and production)
    • Vagrant provisioning to mimic environment between local, stage and production

Future Planning

In time, there would be an expected complete ownership of server management, with the planning and evolution of the following:

  • Working towards the implementation of CI (Continuous Integration).
  • Upgrading of server software safely and securely, with minimal downtime.
  • Automated SSL renewals, with notifications on success / failure.
  • PHP version upgrades
  • MySQL upgrades
  • Ensure incremental database and server backups
  • Error reporting to allow us to better monitor client websites
  • We also want some sort of internal dashboard screen and notification system, highlighting out of date dependencies and down-time.
  • Integration with third party applications to facilitate the above is fine as long as a fallback or notification system is built into this, so any issues are alerted immediately.
  • Simplification of infrastructure where possible
  • Internal process documentation for all of the above
  • Where possible, implementations should be as automated as possible.

Nice to have

Frontend experience is a bonus (HTML, CSS and Javascript), inclusive of HTML email development working gracefully across all major email clients. Development of animated HTML banners (Google Web Designer application).


Where possible, we prefer to build the best team with the best people, which means those that show the initiative to approach us directly. We’d currently prefer to fill this position without recruiters, so if you are a recruiter, please don’t call about this role at the moment.