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Unlike some agency blogs, ours isn’t for show (or to boost our Google ratings). Just like the work we produce, it’s been created with purpose: Our blog provides you with our latest news, shows you the most relevant industry goings-on and imparts any knowledge we think you could benefit from.


The Significance of Customer Experience

As we look to draw a line under 2018, we reflect on the year and in particular the things that really took off (there’s a clue in the title)!! Customer experience has been at the heart of all digital activities. Businesses that have invested in creating outstanding design, content and

To be, or not to be Social?

Whatever the size of your organisation, and regardless of sector, a big question that gets bandied about the boardroom is “should we be ‘doing’ social media”? Invariably only half of all boardrooms are convinced about social media’s value. We explore why businesses are reluctant to invest and whether or not

Pixel ReTargeting Explained

You may or may not have heard of them, and you certainly won’t have seen them (they’re invisible), but the benefits of pixel retargeting is crystal clear… Do you know that on average only 2% of website traffic actually converts? If you want to reach out to the 98% that

Plan the important and urgent happens less often!

Are you guilty of being caught up in the reactive chain? In sport, it comes down to today’s result. A teams’ success hinges on the total points, wickets, runs or goals scored on any given day. But how do you effectively give yourself the best chance of winning now, and

Music To Our Ears – The Graze Festival Review

“21six provided a detailed Facebook and Instagram advertising plan and managed the campaigns from concept through to completion. The team were incredibly responsive and reacted quickly to changes in our marketing message.
This contributed to a 30% increase in website traffic which ultimately impacts our ticket sales! “ Sunday the 26thAugust

Meet Sophie…

Learn about the ‘Life of Fry’, her approach to work and the most random hamster act ever committed! 1. What’s your job role at 21six?
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Meet Ben…

B is for B’ing imaginative, artistic, and well quite frankly obsessively creative. What’s your job role at 21six? Head of Design Studio What are the
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H is for Hannah!

Meet Hannah – Our music loving and multi-tasking genius! Find out more about Hannah, including her best animal trick…   What’s your job role at 21six?
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Bon Voyage Magda

We’re sad to see Marketing Executive, Magda leave for world travels, but grateful to have had the pleasure of working with her. We wish her
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