How we work - 21six Limited

Making a connection

Whether you’re a multinational looking to expand
your market share, or a multitasker preparing a new
product for market launch, the size of your business
is irrelevant. We always start in exactly the same
way – finding out about you, your challenges and
what your customers want. Some call it brand
immersion. We call it getting to know you.

Mind over matter

You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.
So that's exactly what we do. We assign our brightest
minds to integrate into your business and become an
extension of your team. It means that we can then
work closely together, collaboratively, to begin
achieving our goals. Sparks will fly – but only the
creative sort.

Staying in the loop

You know what they say about making assumptions,
which is why we'll never pretend to know you better
than you know yourselves. We listen and we respond.
It's also why we like to keep you in the loop as much
as possible throughout the entire project timeline –
staying up-to-date and fully connected with the
process from start to finish.

Ticking all the boxes

Even though creativity soars at 21six, we always
remember to keep our feet firmly on the ground when
it comes to delivery. We ensure every outcome
answers your brief, adheres to your budget and meets
your deadline – every time. But that's not to say you
won't be wowed along the way. We're an exciting
bunch to work with, if we do say so ourselves.

Our way of working works
Take a look at some examples
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