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The services we provide help us achieve your goals, whether we use them singularly or together as part of a fully-rounded campaign. To make things easy, we’ve categorised them into five key offerings, but we’re capable of so much more – just ask us what we can do for you.

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digital marketing

The digital world doesn’t stop – and neither do we.

We ensure your message works as hard as it can online – no matter what format it takes. From a standalone e-comms piece to a comprehensive social media strategy and its implementation, we’ll optimise your marketing for online, mobile and any other digital medium you can think of.

For us, digital eco-systems, digital design and development are collaborative processes. So, together, we’ll work to understand your customers’ online behaviours and create an experience that fully engages them.


Ensuring a renowned restaurant chain delivers consistency across its diverse estate.

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Conceptualising and delivering a full HCP launch campaign for a brand new product.

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Harnessing the latest technology to communicate with audiences in a manner that's convenient to them.

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digital development

We’re switched on to the business benefits of digital.

Digital possibilities are endless, so we concentrate on adding value in the three key areas that, in our experience, cover all the bases.

Firstly, we use digital technologies to create value by improving your core and existing processes. Secondly, we build foundational capabilities that allow you to be more agile, fast moving and adaptable. Thirdly, we work with you to explore new frontiers that can only be realised by the latest digital innovations.

Philips ARTP event collateral

Creating a wide range of event assets

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World Wise Foods

Combining branding and user experience to confidently communicate to an audience.

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Philips E-detail Aid

Detailing a range of product offerings via digital platform

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strategic planning

Great campaigns only come from great campaign strategies.

At 21six, we immerse ourselves in your business to create a 360° campaign strategy that covers all bases, is bespoke to your business and pushes the boundaries of possibility.

We do this by ensuring your foundation for success is rock solid. Research, customer profiling, activation journeys and channel optimisation are all part of our standard process – which means everything from concept to completion adheres to the campaign objective and ultimately works to overcome your business challenges.


Helping a leading sports equipment brand pitch for – and win – new business.

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Santa Maria

Promoting an exciting new street food concept for a household brand.

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CGI production

Producing high quality CGI for crystal clear floor and site plans.

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Form or function? We always aim to provide both…

Our designers have bags of creative flair. But that doesn’t mean you’ll just get something pretty from us. From the moment we put pen to paper, we constantly question whether what we’re designing answers your objectives.

Creating something beautiful is easy, but making it beautiful and functional is crucial to producing impactful marketing assets that really pull their weight. Consequently, we place a lot of emphasis on making sure form and function go together – hand in hand.


Updating a global image library for use across all kinds of affiliate materials.

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Wyatt Homes

Building a sales and marketing campaign for a luxury development of new homes.

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Philips Dream Wear – Direct Mail Box

Creating unique direct mail boxes to drive consumer engagement

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Tell everyone who you are – without having to say a word.

Creating – or refreshing – a brand isn’t about a new logo. It’s about taking your values and ensuring they run through everything like a stick of rock. Before you know it, you won’t have to tell everyone what you stand for, they’ll just know.

To make this happen, we dig to the depths of what makes you, you. We explore and challenge the traits of your brand to find the root of its meaning – and then surface with a refreshing story and tone that resonates with your audience.


Bringing a new dining experience to life with an impactful identity.

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Capturing and communicating the unique character of a product range.

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Grain and Graze Pop-Up: Islington

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