Welcome to the new us.

Hello. It’s us. Same team, same expertise, same experience – but an entirely different look and feel…


Today, we’re excited to launch our new and refreshing branding to the world. Yes, we’ve evolved our logo, created a new colour palette, developed a new website and spruced up our offices – but our new brand is designed to be much more than just a visual approach.

Over the last few months we’ve been so busy helping our clients achieve their goals that we almost forgot to remember our own. We’ve grown. We’ve evolved. And we wanted our new branding to reflect who we are now.

So, forget what you know about ‘agency’. We redefine the meaning. Through our branding you’ll be able to see that we’re confident, not arrogant. Inclusive, not exclusive. Approachable, not aloof. We’re just good people who like to work with good people – we always have been.


In fact, we’re proud of everything we’ve achieved to date. We’ve been on quite a journey and now we’re in the best place we’ve ever been. All our collective experiences have brought us here – today. And now it’s time to reflect this across everything we do, with our values, ethos and personality running through it all like a stick of rock.

We’re celebrating the launch of our new brand today with an event for all our staff. There’s vibrant new office décor, delicious cupcakes and maybe the odd glass of something fizzy. But tomorrow, it’s business as usual – as an exciting, forward-thinking and inspiring partner to a huge array of fantastic clients.

This. Is. 21six.