What’s your job role at 21six?



How long have you worked at 21six?

I have worked as a designer at 21six for just under 4 years.


What’s your career experience before 21six?

After finishing Uni at UCA Farnham I did many internships, including Dazed&Confused, i-D, 1883 Magazine, Vogue and Creative Review, where I developed my skills further and learnt a lot about how large organisations run. I then worked as a designer for a year at Mark Design in Brighton, a design agency with a small team at the time of 3 designers and 2 developers.


What does your typical day involve?

As we work with many different companies who require a huge amount of different materials created it is hard to say that there is a typical day. The role ranges from creating materials using supplied brand guidelines to fully rebranding a company including the design of their logo, website, emails, brochures, fliers and much more.


What’s your greatest achievement at work?

We wanted to refresh our own branding to create an identity which demonstrated more of who we are as a company. I was given the task to design the website by which all other materials, such as brochures, business cards and emails would then be created. I worked closely with Mike, one of our developers, discussing ideas for the website, thinking how we could push the website whilst still keeping it functional. As well as with Lauren, one of our Client Services Directors, who supplied me with all the assets to complete the task. It was great to be able to experiment fully with style and colour with no hold backs. The team enabled us to create a brand we are all proud of.


What’s your greatest achievement outside of work?

I was asked through work if I would take part in a 10 mile charity run for one of our clients. Not being particularly athletic I decided to give it a go. I trained for several months starting with the couch to 5k programme. Through determination and support I had received both verbally and through donations I ran the whole 10 miles (without stopping!)


What do you enjoy most about working at 21six?

I enjoy the variation of work I get to design, and the fact no two days are the same. The work is a strong balance of challenging and enjoyable. And of course it is the people around daily which helps make a job enjoyable.


What sets 21six apart from the rest?

21six is a lively, approachable company filled with talented people. It is a good mix of having enough people to collaborate with to achieve great work without losing the company team spirit and identity.


What 3 words sum you up best?

Creative, positive, patient