Facebook has recently made major changes to their algorithm impacting any posts from businesses, brands or media being delivered to the public [1]. The change in the algorithm downplays any posts and ads by businesses in order to push out content by the users’ friends and family [3]

Facebook stated that, in recent feedback from the community, posts from publishers and businesses were ‘crowding out their personal moments’ on the platform [1]. Therefore, Mark Zuckerburg, the owner of Facebook, announced that the reason behind changing the algorithm is so that the content being delivered to users encourages meaningful engagement, resulting in posts from family, friends and groups being prioritised.

The resulting impacts include measures of engagement decreasing but the time spent on Facebook by users being more valuable [2]. This therefore, is subsequently now causing referral traffic to businesses from the social network to decrease significantly [3]. So, what does this ultimately mean?

Advertising on Facebook is still an effective strategy as the number of users using social media for product or service purposes is still increasing, progressively impacting their purchasing decisions [4]. The resulting changes will make your organic reach decrease and ad prices rise. Moreover, generating any engagement in the first instance will be increasingly challenging as you’ll be working against the new algorithm because you, as a business/brand, are not ‘friends or family’ to the user [1]. However, it is important to recognise that your ads will still get seen, they will just be more expensive [1].

Furthermore, whilst your social strategy will still be relevant, resulting impacts in your content strategy will be evident. Content should now take a more interactive approach in order to become personal and ‘conversation-worthy’ in order to be prioritised [5]. However, it is important to also note that Facebook recently introduced a block to ‘engagement bait’ where you cannot ask people, in chosen terminology, to comment on your posts directly. Therefore, it is important to fully understand the changes and implications in place to make the most out of Facebook advertising.

Overall, the new Facebook algorithm will result in a shift in how you approach social media advertising. However, even though there are a lot of changes including the changes in metrics, we still anticipate success for your campaigns. Your reach and interaction should be more meaningful and therefore relevant to your products or services, conclusively having positive outcomes for your business.