We’re proud to be based in Hampshire,
and we use our valuable and insightful
local knowledge to work with a number
of companies nearby.

We’ve been located in Hampshire for quite some time now,
so we like to give something back to local companies in the form
of specific regional knowledge, valuable insight and a
personal touch – we are neighbours, after all.

We work with all kinds of companies in and around Hampshire,
including local area councils, independently owned businesses,
and charities. With many of our clients on the doorstep, there’s a
close-knit feel that makes working together open and relaxed.

Offering the might of a large agency – but without the
intimidation – means we’ve built relationships with our
local area neighbours that stand the test of time.


We combine area-specific
knowledge, local insight and the
warmth of a regional approach.


We bring big agency capability to
the table in a way that’s not cold
or intimidating.


We have been based in
Hampshire for years, so we offer
a wealth of local expertise.


We are neighbours – in a
professional sense, of course –
so working with us is relaxed.


contact the
21six local team

Adam Shanley


As company director, Adam is passionate about nurturing meaningful
client relationships – not least with local organisations. After setting
up a small agency and consultancy firm of his own before merging it
with 21six, Adam is used to working with privately owned companies
and charities where a sales-driven, strategic and entrepreneurial
approach is required. He therefore champions the kind of collaborative
relationships on which 21six is founded.