As early adopters of messenger
bot technology, we’re ahead of the
curve when it comes to offering the
latest technology and delivering
better value digital for our clients.

We’re new to this sector – just like everyone else. But unlike
everyone else, we’re quick to react, spotting the opportunity to
provide greater value for your digital investment with the
potential to engage customers in a new and cost-effective way.

Whether you’re a large enterprise looking to take advantage of a
powerful new channel, a smaller business looking for lower cost
app alternative or an individual who wants to reach your clients in
the messaging apps they use most, it’s well worth talking to us
about bots.

We’ve already started working with clients in this exciting new
sector, focussing on e-commerce, lead generation and even a
recipe bot. There’s even more in the pipeline, so, watch this space
as we start to demonstrate our expertise…


Our in-house digital experts know
exactly how to harness the very
latest bot technologies.


Our approach is to keep ahead
of exciting new technologies to
deliver benefits to you.


Our team has been involved with
bot innovations since the moment
of its launch in 2016.


Our understanding of the sector is
based on our ability to react to the
latest industry trends.


contact the
21six bots team

Greg Clark

Client Services Director

With a rich background in digital strategy and market trends, there’s
little wonder Greg sits at the forefront of the very latest digital
technology. Having worked for Accenture, TH_NK and Channel 4,
Greg took the decision to set up his own company in messenger bot
technology before partnering with 21six and broadening our digital
offering. With an entrepreneurial spirit that sits perfectly with our
agency, he works hard to add value to every single client.