2018 social trends

As we make our way towards the start of 2018, we thought it would be useful to provide you with a summary of some of the hottest topics and trends in social media for the year ahead.

Hootesuite have written a detailed annual report which we have downloaded, digested and served up in quick one pager, with some other thoughts generated from and .

1. Social is still trending!

As consumers are spending more time on social networks each year we see an increase in consumers engaging with new activities like tuning in for live broadcasts, researching products, interacting with messenger bots and watching an ever increasing mobile videos.

Almost every internet user can be reached via social media.

  • 78% of people aged between 16-64 are networking with a mobile (1)
  • 42% of digital consumers use social networks to stay in touch with friends (2)
  • 39% use social networks to access the news
  • 39% use it just to fill time

2. Trust declines, while peer influence rises

We saw an explosion of fake news, U.S president Trump’s unexpected triumph over traditional media and an erosion of public trust in mainstream public institutions.

Consumers trust peers as much as technical experts and more than CEOs, governments and academies. We’re moving towards people being influenced by customer advocates, customer communities and engaged employees.

3. An increasing popularity of Instagram Stories

Over 200 million people use Instagram Stories each month, which is over 50 million more than those who use Snapchat — and Instagram Stories is just one year old! At this rate, nearly half of all Instagram users will be using Stories by the end of 2018. This means that brands interested in connecting with Instagram users must take the time to master Instagram Stories.

4. Brands fatigue from new tools and tactics

Customers are feeling overwhelmed by the continuous list of new tactics, tools and content formats. 2018 will be less about experimentation and more about improving the implementation of existing strategies. More emphasis will be placed on establishing the return on investment.

5. Interactions with Messenger Bots will continue to explode 

Over 100 million messenger bots are now active on Facebook. This is a 233% YOY growth vs last year. It is thought that 85% of all customer service interactions will be powered by Artificial Intelligence Bots in 2020. If you want to know more about the power of bots…drop us a line!

6. Video content will continue to dominate

Experts believe that by 2020, mobile video (3) will account for 75% of all mobile data traffic. Many media platforms have improved their mobile video ad formats and capabilities as a result.  The question is how can you ensure that your video content is aligned to your overall digital strategy?


So, social media is certainly still on the rise. Evolving your output to take into account some of the above points will help to maximise the impact that your digital strategy can have on your business. Aligning your video content, embracing the power of bots and utilising visual strategies will all play a key role in your success for 2018.

Ones to watch out for in 2018!

Online virtual reality hangouts such as Facebook Space and Houseparty could become the new norm !

(1) Global Web Index (GWI Social, Q1 2017).
(2) Global Web Index (Social media motivations, Q1 2017)