Are you ready for GDPR or still stuck on red?

GDPR is being fully enforced as of the 25thMay 2018, meaning you are now required to transform the way you collect, store and use your customer data.

The reason GDPR is being launched is to simplify, unify and update the protection of personal data. This results in your customers having more reassurance and security when handing over their data to you, however, this does result in implications for your company if you are not fully compliant. So, what does this mean?

If you don’t conform to the new regulations you could see fines of up to £20million or 4% of your global turnover, whichever is greater! [2]

Many of the GDPR requirements are probably already in your marketing best practices. We have laid out some simple steps you must consider with GDPR closely approaching.


You must attain explicit consent when collecting any data from your customers. For example, having active opt-ins with additional opt-ins for each media you may contact them on i.e. text, email, telephone etc. [1, 3, 5]

Legacy data

You must ensure any data collected before the 25thMay 2018 has received re-permission to be used. This could be done through implementing a customer ‘outreach’ campaign pre 25thMay. [5]

Data processing

You must maintain legal justification for why you have collected the personal data you are processing.

The scope

All businesses, inside and outside the EU, must comply with the new GDPR if they are involved with any transactions with individuals within the EU. [4]

GDPR doesn’t need to be viewed as a dark cloud approaching, it can in fact help your company. Even though with GDPR you may lose previously captured data, running a campaign to re-capture your target market could provide more relevant and targeted customers. After all, your customers that opt-in to your communications will likely be more engaged with your brand and provide better conversion rates.

Are you ready for the 25thMay? Get in touch with us at 21Six and let’s, together, make the most out of GDPR.