Optimising your content

With 80% of internet users now owning a smartphone, it’s no wonder that we’ve seen a surge in the number of purchases made through mobile devices and tablets. That’s why it’s never been more important to ensure your product range is easily viewable and compatible across multiple platforms. “30 percent will abandon a purchase transaction if the shopping cart isn’t optimized for mobile devices.” (

Consumers expectations are greater than ever before. They want more information and transparency about the products, and an experience that is consistent across all devices. Granting consumers access to high quality product images, with up to date accurate data is vital. In equal measure, the merchandising of your products should not be overlooked. Giving trade retailers access to the data for virtual business processes should be provided.

Why optimising your content is so important?

Good quality packaging shots will build brand awareness and increase perceptions of the brand. If your product stands out and attracts the consumers’ attention it will have a positive influence on the purchasing decision process. In addition, if your products are supported with well written copy that is credible and persuasive, it will go a long way in providing you with that competitive edge that will also support your SEO.

Furthermore, we are seeing a shift in online product browsing. Visual search engines are now using machine learning to help consumers search by images rather than keywords. Remember to label your images with good alt tag attributes so that your products can be found through any search, be it visual or keywords. Ensuring your strategy embraces this visual trend is a must.

What should your library include ?

Product imagery
Product descriptions
Print materials
Digital materials
Video files
In-store materials
Planogram solutions
Lifestyle and campaign imagery
Alt tags

Our recent work with Health client ‘Bayer’ did just this. We took their existing product range which includes brands such as Berocca, Aspirin, Alka Seltzer and Rennie and optimised them for a range of different platforms and consumers. Each style of imagery was designed with the end user in mind, from pulling out the key information, features & benefits to demonstrating what’s inside.

Don’t want your products to be left on the shelf? Get in touch with 21six to see how we can help you maximise your retailer content and ensure your products are optimised for mobile and tablet devices.