89% of businesses consider outsourcing important to overall success, do you? [1]

With outsourcing being a continually increasing phenomenon, businesses are faced with the dilemma of whether it’s more effective to outsource their marketing function, or whether to keep it in house. Yes, there are always two sides to argue, however, in-depth research across multiple functions, industries and company sizes indicates that outsourcing marketing will lead to greater efficiencies and optimal outcomes. Deloitte’s global outsourcing survey [2] found that value is being achieved through cost savings; the impact of innovation; ease of relationship management and improved strategic flexibility.

Every business has vastly different needs, though every business shares the common objective of needing to focus on its core competency. This blog post will hone in on the benefits associated with hiring external experts, ultimately yielding the business a higher ROI.

#1 Cost Effectiveness

Outsourcing gives companies access to top-tier marketing specialists to implement a strategy according to a specified budget within a stipulated time period. This alleviates the recruitment, training and salary costs associated with hiring internal marketing personnel [3]. Larger companies with existing in-house marketing teams should outsource specific marketing activities which are beyond their scope of expertise, thus encouraging the greatest outcome and impact on the bottom line. Essentially, outsourcing to agencies implies a short-term commitment with a maximum return.

#2 Diverse Expertise

As businesses need change, so do marketing requirements. Outside specialists bring fresh insights and understanding of market trends, techniques and technologies [7] that many in-house teams have not yet been exposed to [6]. Further, outsourcing through an integrated agency enables a company to obtain a diverse range of services as and when they need them, delivered by teams who are proficient in specific areas. Whether it’s related strategy, brand, digital, design, or anything in-between, a fully integrated agency will have you covered! For instance, 62% of companies outsource all or part of their digital marketing tactics, supplementing internal skills to improve performance. [5]

#3 Timely, Quality Delivery

Integrated agencies are geared up and ready to go, meaning that new ideas, projects or campaigns can be explored and implemented in the most efficient time frame, thus allowing for less time spent focusing on logistics and more time taking action. Outsourced agencies need to be highly professional in honouring the delivery of quality content within the agreed time frame. This is imperative to upholding a professional image and building the foundations of a prosperous client relationship going forward.

#4 Measurable ROI

Outsourced agencies are results-focused and are highly aware of what is at stake if KPIs are not met. Therefore, they are committed to developing and achieving ambitious yet attainable results for the company, whilst delivering consistent progress updates throughout the process. In addition, as the emphasis on digital marketing grows, its crucial to consider the benefit of adopting an agency that can provide in-depth analytical insights and reports in order to obtain valuable, quantifiable market data that can further optimise the businesses strategy and leverage returns [9].

Whilst some firms use outsourcing to address distinct, short-term needs, others use it to deliver superior, powerful outputs that they could not attain with in-house resources alone. Thus, it’s apparent that outsourcing marketing is always the answer.

The real question is, what are your company’s strategic needs and which agency has the capacity and expertise to immerse themselves in your brand and deliver beyond expectations?


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