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Unlike some agency blogs, ours isn’t for show (or to boost our Google ratings). Just like the work we produce, it’s been created with purpose: Our blog provides you with our latest news, shows you the most relevant industry goings-on and imparts any knowledge we think you could benefit from.


Major Facebook Changes…What does this mean?

Facebook has recently made major changes to their algorithm impacting any posts from businesses, brands or media being delivered to the public [1]. The change in the algorithm downplays any posts and ads by businesses in order to push out content by the users’ friends and family [3] Facebook stated

The Evolution of E-Commerce…

Are you adapting with the times? By now it’s clear that the rise of e-commerce is not a fad and it’s here to stay. Shoppers are increasingly savvy, searching for the best prices online, signing up for introductory offers and discounts and even adding items to a basket and then

Is your website hindering your success?  

Having a good-looking website is great, right?! Well, it’s a start. The key to a successful website is understand why your customers are visiting your site in the first place and their journey to and through your website. This is only evidenced by having clear, trackable goals. Google Analytics is

Are you talking to your audience at the right stages of their buying journey?

Consumer journey mapping should form a big part of your digital strategy to ensure you are talking to your target audience at every stage, and not just when they are buying. This may result in a multi-channel marketing strategy, or identify a single channel that follows your consumer through the

89% of businesses consider outsourcing important to overall success, do you?

89% of businesses consider outsourcing important to overall success, do you? [1] With outsourcing being a continually increasing phenomenon, businesses are faced with the dilemma of whether it’s more effective to outsource their marketing function, or whether to keep it in house. Yes, there are always two sides to argue,

Meet the Team

Meet….Tash What’s your job role at 21six? Designer   How long have you worked at 21six? I have worked as a designer at 21six for
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Welcome to the new us.

Hello. It’s us. Same team, same expertise, same experience – but an entirely different look and feel… Today, we’re excited to launch our new and refreshing
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